• Shelter ISO and Sheltered system in accordance with MIL/EMI/TEMPEST

    Shelter S-788 Type III, 20ft Iso Shelter - 150kva Power Station, Iso 20ft Mobile Field Workshop Shelter, Reproduction Graphics Iso 20ft Shelter, D-Vor Shelter, Field Central Water In Container Iso 1d, Armory Shelter Smaet463, Graphics Reproduction Station In Iso 20ft Shelter, 20ft Expandable Shelters, 20ft Fix Shelters, Shelters Ueo2, Customized Shelters … read more

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)

    HVAC for shelters and tents for military camps.

    Different types and power cuts available … continua

  • Lighting towers and gensets

    Lighting towers with pneumatic telescopic mast, projectors upon request, with integrated silenced generator set.

    Airborne and heli-transportable: light and energy wherever you need them … continua


Telegi is a qualified company

Telegi is a qualified company in design and production of complex Defense systems.

Professionalism and experience, matured in the last twenty years, matched with a continuous company innovation and effective productive flexibility, allowed the Company to ensure products quality and usage reliability, in order to develop customer satisfaction driven project solutions.

Company strength is the capability to develop and integrate electronic, electric and telemetric technologies to mechanic technologies, assigned to field usage … read more


UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate
issued by Bureas Veritas Italy SPA

issued by Defense Ministry-DGAT

FGAS Certificate accrding REG. CE 303/2008
issued by Bureas Veritas Italy SPA

C.C. NATO A5387


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Telegi is a specialized company in designing and manufacturing of complex systems for the Defense.

Thanks to the quality of our products we are suppliers and project partners of entities and defense industrie … read more


The professionalism and effective production flexibility has enabled the Company to ensure the objective of developing design solutions aimed at customer satisfaction.

The company's strength is … read more


The experience gained over the last twenty five years combined with a continuous corporate renewal has allowed the company to ensure the quality and reliability of use of their products.

Develop and integrate … read more