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The SSR (Secondary Surveillance Radar) test transponder proposed in this presentation is a system designed in order to provide a field SSR test system.


The SSR test transponder was developed to be fast to install and easy to use, it provides a variety of functions that have the scope to simulate all functionalities of e civilian transponder with SIF and Mode S enhanced capabilities.


The equipment has been designed in order to provide a test tool with the aim to measure and evaluate the overall capabilities of the SSR under test, it could be employed also to evaluate the correct functioning of operative SSR system thanks to the rapid deployment on field of the equipment that can be feeded through a common car engine 12V battery.


The system provide to the operator the possibility to program all the main parameters related to SIF and Mode S modes (for example: air craft height, Mode A code, ICAO code etc.).


The system is compliant with STANAG 4193 and ICAO Annex 10 volume IV standards.


The equipment has been designed for fixed, landing installation. The output power level is programmable in order to test SSR range system sensitivity. The response delay is programmable in order to allow the operator to test the SSR range resolution and eventually simulate in-bound and out-bound trajectory with a programmable aircraft speed.


Equipment Main Characteristics


Environmental conditions: TBD

Operating temperature: -25 °C - +55 °C

Electromagnetic compatibility: MIL-STD-461E

Rx frequency: 1030 ±0.5 MHz

Sensitivity: -75 dBm

Skirt bandwidth (selectivity): compliant with ICAO / STANAG 4193 requirement

Dynamic range: from MTL to –22 dBm

Tx frequency: 1090 MHz

Frequency stability: ±0.1 MHz

Output power: 35 dBm

2nd harmonic level: 60 dBc

All other harmonic level: 80 dBc

Spectral Confinement: compliant with STANAG 4193 e ICAO Annex 10 requirements.

Reliability: TBD

Dimensions Weight: TBD

Input power: 12 – 36 VDC - 115-220 VAC 50 Hz

Remote control Panel: integrated touch control panel.


Modes SIF 3A/C

Mode S Basic

Mode S Enhanced



Equipment Main Functions


Trough a touch screen Local Control Panel, the SSR test transponder allows the selection of the following parameters:

• Mode S on/off

• Programmable Probability of reply

• ICAO code

• Code 3A

• Barometric Altitude for C and S modes

• GPS Position (programmable)

• Presentation of the interrogation modes received by the SSR.

• Programmable delay in the transmission of the replies for the simulation of the range.

• Simulation, using variable delay of trajectories in-bound or out-bound and speed.

• Variable attenuation of the transmitted signal to measure SSR sensitivity.